Knox Schools Board and Legislators Meet Virtually This Morning

Knox County School Board and the area TN Legislative members met via zoom supposedly discuss legislative priorities. This is normally done as a lunch it was originally scheduled for Chesapeakes West. The Knox County Commission will conduct a similar event a week from today, January 15, 2021 at 9 am.


The Knox County Schools 2021 Legislative Priorities, located hereThe zoom meeting began about 9:02 p.m., there were introductions and pleasantries and then School Board Chair Susan Horn gave an update on the schools pandemic year. The first time a legislative priority at 9:44 a.m, was the first time a legislative priority was mentioned. The priority for one nurse for every 700 students. The hour long session can be watched here.

State Rep. Ed Mannis was on via telephone as he said he was driving. State Rep. Dave Wright joined by telephone as well, but complications kept him from speaking.

School Board Members attending were Evetty Satterfield, Jennifer Owen, Daniel Watson, Virginia Babb, Susan Horn, Betsy Henderson, Patti Bounds. Not present Mike McMillan and Kristi Kristy.

Rep. Jason Zachary and Senator Becky Massey talked about the special money coming to Knox County due to the pandemic, initially set for just a little more than $50 million. Zachary referred to “learning loss”. Rep. Gloria Johnson asked that the term “learning loss” not be used as it is a political term, not an educational term or fact.  Later in the call, Zachary used the term three more times.

School Board Member Daniel Watson asked that the legislators concentrate on the most vulnerable population that the rest would make it.

Other legislators on the call were Rep. Michele Carringer, Justin Lafferty, Sam McKenzie, Sen. Dr. Richard Briggs.





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