A Busy Night at Concord Farragut Republican Club for and with the Fifth District

Last night Thursday December 7, 2023 the Concord Farragut Republican Club met and hosted Lauren Morgan, Republican candidate for Knox County School Board and Republican candidates for Knox County Commission Brad Hall, Dale Skidmore and Brian Walker.

But lo and behold there is a fourth candidate, Toni Scott, wife of VFL Dr. Benson Scott, daughter in law of VFL Bobby Scott. Most importantly she is Mother of three, two in Farragut High and one in Farragut Middle. She just filed her candidacy paperwork on Thursday. Scott is a former West Valley Middle School teacher and Cheer Coach. When Scott has a website/facebook, I will add the link.

Lauren Morgan here (I messed up, the video is sideways, the message is the same none the less)

The candidates drew numbers, Brad Hall’s representatives drew #1, Walker drew #2 and Skidmore #3, there was more time than planned or anticipated so Scott had a few minutes to introduce herself.

Brad Hall’s representatives here

Brian Walker here

Dale Skidmore here

Toni Scott here

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