Does “Hypocrite Amy” Not Remember One Position from Her New Position? Is It All Just About Amy?

This in today’s Big Metal Shed on the Hill, Commissioner Amy Broyles aka “Hypocrite Amy” says that the Open Meetings Law aka Open Meetings Law is too severe. In the article written by Gerald Witt attributes Broyles with this.

At one point, Broyles asked whether the ruling by Chancery Court ordering county officials to follow sunshine laws should be reviewed, or if a lawsuit should be filed.

Does Broyles not remember this from November 2011? After this action Commissioners were required to notice any homeowner, political club, civic meeting they plan to attend.

Broyles comment from November 22, 2011 stemmed from this BrianHornback.Com post of 9/24/2011. Then this post of 9/26/2011 and then this post of 10/10/2011. Come on Broyles, you do not appear to have early on set dementia.

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1 Response

  1. The Shadow says:

    Remember whose idea this was, the BOE’s, along with the approval and support of Dr. Mac. An attempted end run around the mayor. Pathetic.