When Will the Knox County Elected Leaders Accept That What They Think is Theirs, Is In Fact OURS?

The Knox County School Board and the Knox County Commission keep fighting over which elected body owns what property. Guess what the properties and buildings do NOT belong to the Knox County School Board, the Knox County Commission or the Knox County Government and/or Mayor.

One of the stated reasons for creating the Joint Education Committee is to determine how the deeds should read. Really!? A Committee of “elected leaders” need numerous meetings to determine who owns the community property and whose name should be on the deed. It is ridiculous! Now, the School Board today at the ribbon cutting take an unnecessary slap at the Commission, Government and Mayor with the program. Owner Knox County Schools with the school site address.

The property belongs to the taxpayers! Determine how to increase test scores, have the best teachers and keep the students safe. The property belongs to the taxpayers!


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1 Response

  1. The Shadow says:

    The BOE needs to be put in it’s place. It’s out of control. Good post on the joint committee meeting and the BOE’s, and Broyle’s, desire to skirt the Sunshine laws. That’s the only way they can out maneuver Burchett and the people.