I Do Not Judge Lamar! on the Last Few Years. I Judge Him on His Entire Body of Work

I am labeled a Conservative, I am labeled a Moderate. It depends on what the issue or candidate is. I have been hearing some disgruntled voices that want to throw Lamar! out as our Senator. I can not jump on that bandwagon. I have been active in Republican campaigns since 1982. That is over 30 years, during all this time Lamar! has been a fixture. Whether it was as Governor, UT President, Secretary of Education, United States Senator.

I believe with a servant like Lamar! he must be judged with his entire body of work. Not the past three years or six years. For me Lamar! is still the one. After Super Tuesday 2012 I was still a loyal Republican and supported Romney. He wasn’t my first or second choice. He was the nominee. After the political conventions and into the final stretch of the General Election I became disgusted with the extreme right and the extreme left.

I consider myself as an Evangelical Conservative, the murdering of the not yet born should always be in our party platform. I support pro-lifers every time. Is it a litmus test? No. Just as the Democrats have a litmus test for those that are pro gay. Not interested in that litmus test either.

I remember when Lamar! walked from Mountain City to Memphis, TN. I remember being on the bus that traveled over to Nashville with the Carter High School Band for a Lamar! inauguration. I wasn’t in high school at the time, but traveled with them.

As I viewed the videos below, I am reminded of my own childhood and my own raising in East Knox County. How it was not a village (as Hillary said) but it was the entire dad-gum community that raised me. The one that would where parents were not be bashful to call your parents.

A 1996 Presidential Campaign Video. I was at the Blount County Courthouse when Lamar announced on the steps

A 2000 Presidential Campaign Video.

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2 Responses

  1. surwinvega says:

    I really thought better of you. I can’t believe you are one of the many sheep that thinks that voting the same senate and congress in year after year, just because they won you’re parties nomination, really is doing our community justice. Lamar and Duncan are career politicians that do nothing but run re-election campaigns. It’s time for this country to wake-up and realize that we can’t keep sending these fools back year after year.

  2. BHornback says:


    I only mentioned Lamar! not Duncan. I don’t have an issue with Duncan, but that is off topic. I did not say that I always support the party nominee because they win the party nomination. I did in the General Election of 2012, because it was either Romney or Obama and in particular because I support Paul Ryan more than Romney.

    I am upset over both extremes, I am upset in the aggressive nature, they name calling (“one of the many sheep”). Politics is toxic, these days.