How Did McCroskey Know It Then?

According to this story by Eleanor Beck and Mike Donila. Criminal Court Clerk Joy McCroskey has accepted the resignation letter of Office Supervisor April Mayes. However, in this story McCroskey says that she hasn’t read the letter. Did McCroskey lie? Because if she hasn’t read it how does she know it is a resignation letter? If she has read it, why has she said that she hasn’t read it?

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1 Response

  1. Elmer Henderlight says:

    We gol’dernit, ole Lulu is going to be left with no one else to blame but herself. Was she even there yesterday to received the resignation? Nah I doubt it. I just about lost my false teeth when I read her comment “I am not going to fill this job” seriously? You have paid an employee for years a salary of $60,000, and this position isn’t worthy of filling, my guess it was a job that wasn’t needed to start with. Hell far April’s sister is still there working for ole Lulu, this is too much like the Dukes of Hazzard, the entire family is on the payroll. Who is going take the blame now Lulu, looks like you have backed yourself in a corner. I went to the shindig Monday night to see all the hogs fighting for the slop. Ole wheezer came in late as usual and sat down with her queens of the Fourth Circuit Court, might I add personally those two old bitty’s looked like they had been ran thru the ringer, those two goons make $85,000 a year good lord sister agnes thats $40.00 an hour, highway robbery. I heard old comb-over Gerald Turner yell “YEAH JOY”, either he en-hailed too much hairspray fluffing his do or thought he was at the trustees office making Christmas payment arrangements on his delinquent County taxes. Good grief these old dinosaurs just show up and think their issues go un-noticed. Kind of like a hot fart in a baptist church, the smell just lingers and everyone that knows who did it just chuckles. I met a lot of good folks Monday, some of which actually looked like they had some sense, not alot, but some. Hammond had a few darling ladies sitting with him that made the festivities enjoyable, old Elmer could not take his eyes away from that table. Good lord Mike you have this one sewn up, and to boot the purtiest gals in the room.