Something About Mayor Burchett, I don’t Understand

Mayor Tim Burchett is a likable guy. He talks the right talk about being Conservative. But, when it comes to decisions about closing the government early or starting the government late, he does it all the time. More so than even the school system.

I hear (unconfirmed) that his H.R. Supervisor Richard Julian advises the mayor that the employees really need extra time like before Thanksgiving. When they took the job, they knew they had Thanksgiving and the day after as Holidays. But, with Burchett they get off early on the Wednesday before. Thanksgiving is not the only one, it is just an easy example.

Take for example today, the roads were in good shape. Due to the dedicated road employees working to ensure the roads were clear all night and days before. But the City County building county employees get to sleep late. You rarely see Mayor Rogero issue late notices like Burchett does. I guess she assumes that employees are smart enough to make the best decision for themselves and if they can’t make it in, they have time they can take off.

Today, the libraries and Senior Centers closed early and a notice went out that Senior Centers will be closed tomorrow. Now, at a time when students are home and could use the resource of the libraries when their parents get home and can take them, the library is closed. At a time when the comfort of the Senior Centers should be available to Seniors that may not have the resources to adequately heat their home during these record freezing conditions, the centers close.

Take for example Ron Woody, the Roane County Executive/Mayor same position of Burchett only the Executive of Roane County. The Courthouse was open all day today. He anticipates opening again tomorrow. But he has a process for how he makes his decision. It seems that Mayor Burchett just decides on a flip of the coin with no real thought for the citizens the government is supposed to serve.

Maybe in Burchett’s second term he can be more deliberate in his decision making.

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2 Responses

  1. Korrington says:

    Richard Julian that’s “post hole Toby’s” boy. Raised a government bureaucrat always an entitled bureaucrat. Ole “post hole Toby” a fan of Democrat Ned McWherter.

  2. The Shadow says:

    “Now, at a time when students are home and could use the resource of the libraries when their parents get home and can take them”

    In sub-sub freezing temperatures? With some parking lots, and backroads, I imagine still treacherous possibly? I figured Monday evening people were staying in and trying to stay warm.