Who Will They Run Against Lamar!

This twitter account started following me. Then I checked out this website that the twitter account promotes. It seems a Conservative Group has announced and will be announcing in about 10 days that they are going after our TN Senator Lamar! Alexander.


Who will they run? Glen Jacobs aka Kane of WWE fame (I wonder if he is related to Big Metal Shed on the Hill Reporter Don Jacobs? but I digress) when asked recently on the Rude Awakening on WKVL AM 850 said that he is NOT currently running for the US Senate from TN. Lamar has every statewide Republican on his side, so who will they run?


I don’t like guessing, I want to know!

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2 Responses

  1. LL2 StrikeForce says:

    I’d be looking for Ed Bryant lurking around the corner. With Big Jim’s money machine currently leaking oil and sputtering under a federal investigation, they’re not in the king making business right now.

    The circumstances associated with the investigation of all things Pilot have brought the Obama Administration and the right wing of the Republican Party togather in a common goal, these country club, arrogant, well do do Republicans (who brought us Lamar!, Mitt Romney, Bob Dole, Victor Ashe, a slew of Duncans) who push the do nothing but look good Republicans, need to be relegated to the back of the bus and pipe down for a couple of decades.

  2. The Shadow says:

    To criticize some Republicans as “do nothing” is one thing; to smear a wounded WWII veteran like Bob Dole, is beyond the pale.

    I don’t know of any campaigns the Tea Party has won on it’s own, except for maybe Scott Dejarlis, and if he’s oe of the Tea Party’s gifts to Tennesse, I know a lot of people who want a refund. Keep putting up extreme conservatives, and the Democrats will win power with the liberal and moderate vote.