Publisher Position Contrary to the Papers 2010 Position

In the weekly throw away newspapers Publisher position a line jumped out at me. The “We have a living, walking, and talking embarrassment in the form of State Senator Stacey Campfield.”

In December 2010, a staff photographer convinced the Publisher to name Senator Campfield as the papers Man of the Year. While they clearly indicated at the time and the Publisher continues to maintain that the 2010 Man of the Year was the photographers man of the year.

When it was approved by the editorial staff and ultimately by the publisher before being printed. The designation became the papers designation. Read our previous post here from December 2010 about the designation of Man of the Year for Senator Campfield.

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2 Responses

  1. Korrington says:

    Kinda weird how the paper worships people. First, Campfield then Ownby, then Trustee Duncan. Still hanging on to Ballard (although that’s still a short termer) They ran an unsuccessful recall campaign on a former School Board Member. It is best for them to be against you and for them to spread lies about you.

  2. BHornback says:

    There’s room for all types. I am pleased to do what I am passionate about and that is helping the community to be informed of what’s really happening. I am pleased to help get businesses message out and help local small businesses to succeed. I have been talked about, lied on and while it is mean spirited and lo class on those persons part. I have found that the higher ground is where I need to be. So, that’s where I stay. The public responds well, The Lord keeps blessing so lets just be happy, happy, happy